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Client testimonials:
“Mr. Jackson took my auto injury case when three other attorneys turned me down. Every other attorney simply wanted to settle the case with the insurance company as quickly as possible, but Mr. Jackson didn’t back down and filed a lawsuit for me. I came to Mr. Jackson to get my medical bills paid for, and not only did he get those covered, the settlement I received was more than I ever thought I could get. I appreciate how much respect everyone at the office treated me with throughout the process.”Frances Hubert
"I was involved in a car accident in Fallbrook. Not knowing anyone who could give me a referral, I selected a local attorney out of the yellow pages. Knowing it was not the best way to choose an attorney, I chose by the information provided in the ad (prior judge, arbitrator and focus) and the kindness and honesty of Mr. Jackson’s eyes. I have always felt people’s eyes show their character. I was not disappointed. Mr. Jackson and his staff guided me through the process, never leaving me to wonder what needed to be done and always keeping me informed. To give more attention my case, attorney Brett Parkinson was brought on board. Mr. Parkinson pursued my case aggressively, but ethically. My case became complicated due to the late onset of some of my injuries. Mr. Parkinson did not just talk to me; he came to my home to see how my life had changed as a result of my injuries. Until my husband and I began to show him around, I had not realized the true depth of the effects of my injuries on our lives. That was a sad day. The insurance company’s agents were less than ethical, among other things, bringing in a technical witness to the arbitration at the last minute (literally) after stating they had none. Mr. Parkinson handled the ethical issues, all the while remaining ethical himself. After a long day of arbitration, the arbitrator looked at me and said, 'Regardless of how this goes, you need to know you have a very good attorney.' At the time we were waiting for the arbitrator’s decision, I had a family member in critical condition. Knowing the arbitration was adding to that stress, Mr. Parkinson (I call him Brett) stayed late at his office waiting for a faxed decision in the case. Brett showed up at my door at 7:30 PM to give me the news. We had won over 100% more than the insurance company was offering. I believe having hard working (thinking outside the box), ethical, and caring attorneys made the difference in my case. Any honest person would be proud to be represented by these attorneys." Paula Jackson
"My family and I were represented by Brett Parkinson of Jackson & Parkinson after we were involved in a high speed car accident. We were immediately impressed with Brett’s attentiveness and genuine compassion. His kind and professional demeanor put us at ease and assured us we had made the right decision with regard to legal representation. As the case progressed, Brett kept us well-informed of all progress and developments and provided insightful guidance when decisions had to be made. Ultimately, Brett’s experience and dedication led to a settlement that my family and I found to be more than satisfactory." Brian Sakemi
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