Federico Lathrop

At The Law Offices of Robert W. Jackson A. P. C., we have developed success and talent over the past years. One of these talents is Federico Lathrop. Federico is a dedicated attorney who focuses on litigating catastrophic personal injury, traumatic brain injury, wrongful death, wildfire, and mass tort litigation cases. Federico is licensed in California and by the Chilean Supreme Court. As a lawyer with experience abroad, he has dealt with multicultural personalities throughout his career, having negotiated and litigated in English and Spanish.

At an early age, Federico began his career helping victims of domestic violence in Santiago, Chile. Between 2013 and 2017, Federico worked as an associate attorney at Barros & Errázuriz Abogados, a well-known top-tier law firm in Santiago, Chile, where he advised local and international individuals and companies. Having experience in the Latin American legal world, Federico still had a legal and human knack he needed to explore and develop. He wanted to take his legal practice further.

In 2017, Federico was accepted to UCLA Law School, in Los Angeles, California, where he received the Dean’s tuition fellowship award and completed his postgraduate academic degree. After graduating from UCLA Law, Federico continued specializing in trial work through workshops, seminars, and legal conferences. Among others, Federico graduated from the Trojan Horse Method program and has continually participated in several workshops and seminars hosted by nationally renowned Trial Lawyers and medical experts.

Now, Federico's best wishes are that you will actually never really need him, but if you do, he will make sure that he is putting all of his legal knowledge, passion for helping others, and spirit to get you justice. Federico will not only fight for you fiercely, but he and our office team will also make sure that you get treated by the best specialists to help you move on with your life, and recover from any physical and/or emotional injuries that you may have suffered from the wrongdoing of others.

During his years practicing, Federico has focused on bringing justice to people harmed by the misdeeds of others. Presently, he advocates for fire victims in the PG&E bankruptcy litigation, which is the largest bankruptcy in California’s history. With only a couple of years practicing in California, Federico has participated in the litigation of more than 100 different cases, resulting in many six and seven-figure recoveries for our clients.

In the last year, Federico has gotten the following results on behalf of our clients:

$ 1,082,500.00 (Automobile collision)

$ 325,000.00 (Automobile collision)

$ 300,000.00 (Automobile collision)

$165,000.00 (trip and fall incident)

$ 100,000.00 (soft tissue case)

$ 100,000.00 (auto v pedestrian case)

$ 75,000.00 (UIM claim)